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"One of the half-dozen best literary journals"
Daniel Hoffman
Philadelphia Inquirer

"Among scores of literary titles, one of the most innovative is Boulevard"
Library Journal

"Boulevard is the kind of magazine that publishes not just good fiction and poetry... but works of compelling fact"
Washington Post
"Boulevard [is one of the eight magazines] young writers and poets, of course, pay attention to..., since that's where they hope to publish their work."
Charles Simic
The New York Review of Books
"This is a consistently outstanding publication, perhaps the best of the recently founded literary reviews."
Magazines for Libraries
"The many poems that break up the prose are excellent, better than anything that you'll find in The New Yorker in a typical month.  Reading Boulevard reassures one about the state of American letters."
Independent Publisher

Featuring Works by:

Alice Adams, John Ashbery, John Barth, Ann Beattie, Robert Bly, Mark Doty, Marilyn Hacker, Donald Hall, Philip Levine, David Mamet, Joyce Carol Oates, Carl Phillips, Francine Prose, Ruth Stone, Charles Simic, Mark Strand, James Tate, John Updike